Brooklyn Benjestorf

Brooklyn Benjestorf’s love of photography began in childhood, capturing snapshots of her friends. She used whatever equipment she could get her hands on, including innumerable disposable cameras, her mom’s old Fujica from the ‘70s, a Polaroid 600, a Diana F+, a point-and-shoot and a hand-me-down Canon 40D. Over time, Brooklyn honed her skills through a combination of mentorship, endless amounts of Googling and YouTube tutorials, and practice, practice, practice.

Within the last year, Brooklyn’s work has been published in Cosmopolitan, Nordstrom Blogs, Tidal’s “Tidal Rising” series, Culture Magazine, Nada Mucho, the Stranger, Seattle Weekly, and Stackedd Magazine. Focused primarily on live music, nightlife, fashion and portrait photography, Brooklyn’s photos are probably best known for her weekly “10 Frames” photo column on the Stranger’s blog and for profile photos all over Facebook.