Winterscapes in White Pass with Audrey Rugburn

Back in January, I rented a cabin in Packwood, WA with a group of friends and headed toward Mt. Rainier for some relaxation and photo fun. Come Friday, we packed up our gear, loaded into a couple cars and set off for a weekend off the grid. It was two and a half days of drinking in the hot tub, playing Uno in onesies, sledding in the snow and of course, taking photos.

I invited local burlesque dancer Audrey Rugburn as my model. She did all her own hair and makeup and I enlisted the help of Paul White, who works in merchandising for Lucky Vintage, to pull some pieces from the shop and style the shoot for us. Erika Frank lent a hand with some lighting assistance and my friends Mario and Sunny tagged along for moral support. It was such magical if not brief getaway.