Getting Back in the Groove with Kendoll

I haven't had the opportunity to shoot as much editorial lately, but luckily had a nice surge of new clients this month. Last week I met up with Kendoll, an emerging and promising producer and DJ, in the Red Room at the hidden bar behind By the Pound before we headed down to the International District to make some magic happen. 

IMG_8709_Kendoll 1.20.18_WEB.jpg
IMG_8671_Kendoll 1.20.18_WEB.jpg
IMG_8687_Kendoll 1.20.18_WEB.jpg
IMG_8715_Kendoll 1.20.18_WEB.jpg
IMG_8734_Kendoll 1.20.18_WEB.jpg
IMG_8721_Kendoll 1.20.18_WEB.jpg
IMG_8770_Kendoll 1.20.18_WEB.jpg
IMG_8777_Kendoll 1.20.18_WEB.jpg