Beach Style Four Ways

Now that the weather is getting a little warmer, the sun shining a little brighter, when my friend Erica invited me to take some fashion shots of her, I immediately suggested a beach theme. I pulled out some inspo shots to give her an idea for some of the elements I wanted to play with and she began pulling looks. On late Saturday afternoon we headed over to Golden Gardens and hiked in deep with a full sized suitcase full of outfit changes and gear. What I love the most about how these shots turned out is that we were able to achieve a spectrum of different types of fashion photography—commercial/catalog, young customer/millennial magazine, and high fashion/editorial. 

IMG_7748_Erica Beach Babe.jpg
IMG_7738_Erica Beach Babe.jpg
IMG_7762_Erica Beach Babe.jpg
IMG_7849_Erica Beach Babe.jpg
IMG_7926_Erica Beach Babe.jpg
IMG_7895_Erica Beach Babe.jpg
IMG_7936_Erica Beach Babe.jpg
IMG_7982_Erica Beach Babe.jpg
IMG_8001_Erica Beach Babe.jpg
IMG_8003_Erica Beach Babe_WEB.jpg
IMG_8013_Erica Beach Babe.jpg
IMG_8027_Erica Beach Babe.jpg
IMG_8105_Erica Beach Babe.jpg
IMG_8129_Erica Beach Babe.jpg